English information

Dance School Reality is a young and dynamic dance school in Maastricht. We once started with HipHop classes and today we offer a broad variaty of different classes:

- HipHop
- HipHop Youth
- Breakdance
- Dancehall
- Lyrical HipHop
- Modern
- Urban Jazz
- Oldskool HipHop
- Female HipHop
- Kids Ballet
- Toddler dance
- Yoga
- Pregnancy Yoga

It is possible to choose any lesson you like!
You are able to mix all different classes we offer you!
It is even possible to change your class every week and follow whatever you like! 

We work with a monthly subscription.

You can try 2 different classes for free. In case you like our classes you can register.
To register you have fill out the "registration form"  which you will recieve at the dance school.
The registration fee is €15,00 once. 

If you want to unsubscribe: you have to fill out a different form, which you can get at the dance school as well. The period of notice is one month (this means you pay 1 last month after we receive your unsubscription).