Modern/ballet classes

We proudly present to you our Modern and Ballet class! check our info and if you are interested send us a email and take a free class!

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Who is Sharon?
Sharon moved from the pre dance education in Maastricht to the Academy for Dance Education at the Fontys School of the Arts. She has done an internship at Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg and has danced with Dansnest in Breda. Sharon has gained a lot of experience on the podium over the past 10 years. Besides teaching, she works as a dancer and works in various projects related to dance.

What motivates her?
Dance can give you a feeling that can not be described with words, says Sharon. She wants to take as many people as possible into this experience. The feeling of not having to think for a moment and going into the moment is something she wants to give to other people. In addition, Sharon wants her students to feel that they are really learning something. Because something good can and know contributes to your pleasure.

Her motto
"The most important thing I find is the combination of good technique and feeling, which guarantees dance fun!"


Modern/Contemporary dance

  • Monday 18:00/19:00h 18+ plus Modern class.

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Kids Ballet classes!

  • Monday 17:00/18:00h Sint Nicolaasstraat 38B

  • Saturday 11:00/12:00h Haspengouw 18A

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