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Dance center for Toddler dance, (Female) HipHop, Dancehall, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary/Modern

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With us, you do not pay for which class you take or when you follow it, but you pay a fixed amount per month for a number of classes that you purchase.

Via our Dansschool Reality app you can easily book your classes every week that you want to follow.

Try out two free trial classes so you can find out which dance style really suits you!

Learn to dance from our pro's

Toddler dance

2-5 year

HipHop kids & young adults

4-8 year, 9-12 year and 13+ year (including students)

HipHop adults

25+ year

Female HipHop

13+ year (including students)


9-12 year and 13+ year (including students)


9-12 year and 13+ year


4-8 year and 9-12 year


9-12 year, 13+ year and 18+ year

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Maastricht Centre


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